Partner Referral Program

Our Partners can enjoy the ability to offer their clients Puerto Vallarta long-term and short-term rental options to enhance their existing resources. This ensures that the Partners can offer the widest possibilities of service to their clients and ensures that their customer’s best interest always comes first. It is as easy as 1-2-3!


  • Step 1 : Register your prospect using our Partner Referral Program Form. Don’t call, or e-mail us with your referral. To make sure you get your referral fee, you must first register your prospect online.
  • Step 2 : For Tenant referrals, after the showing, the tenants can fill out the on-line application, and we will do all the rest!
  • Step 3 : Get Paid! On the successful lease of an Owner Referral, or signed lease
    from a Tenant Referral, we will pay you a referral fee. Once the Tenant Lease or Property
    Management Contract ends, your referred client would be free to seek your services again
    in the future! You will have peace of mind knowing that you client and their home will be
    in the hands of one of the best Property Rental Agencies in all of the bay.


Owner Referrals from Partners
Vallarta Dream Rentals pays referral fees for EVERY Owner you refer to us that uses our Property Management Services. On receipt of your referral, we will meet with the client, provide them a free 1 hour consultation on our Property Management services and sign them up. We will pay your referral fee when the home leases.

Vallarta Dream Rentals pays 25% of our Leasing Fee as a referral fee for each new owner or investor client property referral, paid when the property leases for the first time.

Tenant Referrals from Partners
Vallarta Dream Rentals pays referral fees for EVERY qualifying tenant you refer. Simply register your
client referral, and we will do showing. Once the showing has been completed, if your tenant referral is interested in applying, they would fill out the on-line rental application, and if offered the home, will enter into a lease with Vallarta Dream Rentals.

Vallarta Dream Rentals does the showing to the client:

  • 10% of our Leasing Fee for a Referral for new tenant client, paid when tenant enters into a lease.
  • Tenant must meet screening criteria, and must successfully screen and sign lease for
    referral to Qualify.

Register a Referral Now!

ALL referred client information shall remain confidential, and shall not be shared with any other third party, the referring Partner. Referring Partner agrees that the referral shall become a client of Vallarta Dream Rentals once the referral has been submitted. Vallarta Dream Rentals shall not provide any information about the referred client, contract terms, financial information of client, or any other information back to the referring Partners, regardless as to the source of information, or from tenant screening activities, at any time during or after a contract has ended. Partner agrees not to solicit the client or offer competing services during the time that client is under contract with Vallarta Dream Rentals. The referred client will be free at the end of any contract with Vallarta Dream Rentals to seek the services of the referring Partner. Vallarta Dream Rentals cannot guarantee that the referred client will seek future services from the referring Partner, and could choose another agent, or elect to retain Vallarta Dream Rentals for future services.