Car Rental Discount Codes

When we travel we usually prefer to rent a vehicle and we have been doing so with Hertz for the past years as we have received great discounts. We will update any discount codes we have with Hertz to allow our followers to be able to take advantage of these great discounts.

Keep in mind these discounts only work for Hertz Mexico and they can vary by dates and certain destinations. These rates only include liability insurance and at the counter they will offer you coverage for the vehicle you are renting which will be a separate fee.


We always decline this as our VISA credit card offers the benefit to obtain the Auto Rental Insurance, (make sure this coverage is provided by the card issuer). If so, the cardholder must decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) or similar coverage offered by the auto rental company. Coverage is offered by Chartis AIG. It is very important to remember to use the same card during the entire transaction from online reservation payment to vehicle pick-up,  so you may decline the Collision Damage Waiver and the rental company will hold about $30,000 MXN on your card. To view policies and details for VISA please visit this LINK.

VISA Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Coverage

We have been in an accident in the past and Hertz charged my card for the damage upon evaluation, I did start the claim process and VISA does request for a few items to be submitted but once all was emailed VISA was very quick to expedite the claim and refund us. VISA refunded this amount to our bank account 5 days later.


  • One Day Free Rental: Discount CodeGRATIS2016
  • Rent a vehicle for two days or more and the first day is free: Discount Code2X1
  • 50% Off: Discount Code2016DESC
  • 50% Off: Discount Code PAPA



If you want to avoid the technicalities and be worry free another option we highly recommend is Mexico Car Rental which includes full coverage insurance in its rate and it you simply pick up the vehicle at other agencies like Hertz or Budget etc.. Another perk for any of you with Mexican credit cards is that they constantly have months no interest promos with various national banks.