Service Providers

Internet service providers (service options may vary depending on your neighborhood)

Drinking Water (these are usually around $25 MXN per 5 gallon jug and the jug must be swapped out for an empty one or you will be charged a water jug fee of about $80 MXN)

  • Agua Ciel (322)209-0150 or (322)209-0849 or (322)226-8999
  • Agua Santorini (322)290-0640

Running Water

  • Seapal (322) 226-9191

Gas (depending on the type of gas tank you have you will request a gas cylinder or for the gas truck to fill your stationary gas tank)

  • Sonigas: (322)209-0664
  • Global Gas: (322)290-1010


  • CFE (24 hrs a day) 071

Housekeeping Service

Laundry Service (collection and delivery service)

  • Aquamatic: (322)222-5978

Groceries & Produce (delivery service)

Handyman Services

  • Joel Maintance (general handyman services): (322)779-5600
  • Panchito’s Venticare (light fixtures, ceiling fan installation, maintenance and repair)  (322)134-9994